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Welcome to Centre for Autism

Centre for Education

Centre for Autism envisions a world where persons with Autism have easy and equal access to services and educational opportunities that help to live a dignified life.

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Our mission is to empower the people living with Autism to live a dignified life, protecting and promoting their rights through early diagnosis, interventions and management for holistic development by providing easy and equal educational opportunities throughout the country, reaching the unreached areas.

What is Autism

Autism affects the way the brain processes information and prevents individuals from properly understanding what they see, hear and otherwise sense. The person with autism have to learn normal patterns of communication and ways to relate to people; unlike those of us without autism who learn this naturally as part of our normal development process.

Autism is a complex, lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder which typically appears during the first three years of life. A number of autistic children do not ever develop speech, whilst others do but rarely use language to communicate.

Symptoms range from mild learning and social disability to severe impairment. That is why autism is known as a “spectrum” disorder. the disorder may occur alone or with accompanying problems such as mental retardation, cerebral palsy or seizures. Some individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will require lifelong support while others may go on to graduate school and lead an independent life.

The most effective and well-documented treatment option for individuals with autism is education based on behavioural principles with a focus on the core areas of impairment viz communication and social understanding. there no medical treatment for autism, though medication may be used to treat specific symptoms. 

Message from Chairperson

Wendy House Centre for Autism was opened in March 2019 solely with the purpose to cater to children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. At Centre for Autism we help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to lead dignified life. With early intervention, OT, Speech therapy and expert guidance they will become contributing members of the society.

When my granddaughter was diagnosed with autism in July 2015 I was Chairperson of Wendy House School for the past 25 years. I wondered how best to help her. I believe that education is the most powerful tool to transform society and no child should be left behind. Hence with this on mind and having contributed to the changing landscape of education for the last 27 years I feel now my calling is to reach out to children with ASD. For this I took several trainings and workshops to be fully equipped to understand the needs and rights of children with Autism. 

While I was in Delhi, I met several parents having the same problem and had come from Nepal to enroll their children in special need school. There was a lack of awareness about autism in Nepal. There were no school to address the unique abilities of our children in Nepal. Children with ASD should not be denied their fundamental right to an education and a future. I saw a growing demand in Nepal for children with ASD a right to an educational establishment that is customized for their requirements. I understood the great need of our children who benefit from early intervention and therapies to become their best selves. So I took this initiative to open Centre for Autism under the umbrella of Wendy House School the first school of its kind in Nepal which has intervention and all therapies under one roof. It will be the first inclusive school as the high functioning children will go to Wendy House while undergoing therapy in CFA. Meeting parents and witnessing their struggles has inspired me to open CFA where to create a world of possibilities by providing a barrier free space which cultivates in children with Autism tools to retain meaningful relationships and lifelong learning is our Mission.

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Environmental, biological, & Genetic Factors Are linked to the cause of Autism, But there is No Exact cause known yet!!!!